The Great Office Project - Part 2

Being the main room of the house for us as a couple; the office was quickly finished; save for some decorating. Once the floor was completed the path was cleared to get desks in and finish up.

We continued the office by planning for a possible return to being a bedroom; either for selling the house or as needed. So we did built-ins for the closet. This gives us a lot of storage for the office; while requiring only that we put a door back on to convert it back to a bedroom with a closet.

With the closet done; I get into the attack and added a support brace so that we could hang a ceiling fan with no worries. With the ceiling fan and the new HVAC; it is very easy to heat or cool the office.

After that; I simply trimmed the bottom of the door a bit and put it back on. The kick plate for the door was wrong; so I chiseled it out a bit more; so now the door swings freely and shuts. With this done; I immediately noticed it was 'hanging'; so like many other doors in the house; I removed the 3/4" screws in the top and put in 4 in screws; which pulled it right up into place.

With that and the desks, we consider the office complete for now. 


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