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The Great Office Project - Part 1

We purchased our home with the knowledge that at least one of us was a computer nerd; and at least one of us might soon work from home. We hated the crowded guest bedroom/office we have now - so a major part of buying a home was to have an office. Below is the choice bedroom that was marked for rebirth; a couple year old picture actually.

From here; we purchased the home. The plan was to paint the walls and trim; and to go all out with a nice Bamboo floor and glass desks. Very modern. So we closed on the house.. this apparently counts as broom swept / clean....

So, I ripped up the carpet and padding. Low and behold was a great surprise! My father was helping out at the house that day; if not, I would have had a full on nervous breakdown. Check the pictures of the fire damage; they speak for themselves. Why was this deemed 'OK'?

After I recovered from my shock and took some time to plan; I decided we would be fine replacing some boards and putting a couple boxes of 'stud buste…