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The Great Office Project - Part 2

Being the main room of the house for us as a couple; the office was quickly finished; save for some decorating. Once the floor was completed the path was cleared to get desks in and finish up.

We continued the office by planning for a possible return to being a bedroom; either for selling the house or as needed. So we did built-ins for the closet. This gives us a lot of storage for the office; while requiring only that we put a door back on to convert it back to a bedroom with a closet.

With the closet done; I get into the attack and added a support brace so that we could hang a ceiling fan with no worries. With the ceiling fan and the new HVAC; it is very easy to heat or cool the office.

After that; I simply trimmed the bottom of the door a bit and put it back on. The kick plate for the door was wrong; so I chiseled it out a bit more; so now the door swings freely and shuts. With this done; I immediately noticed it was 'hanging'; so like many other doors in the house; I removed…

Back To Robotics - A Long Awaited Update

There has been next to no progress on my robot; this has been due to buying a house and realizing I would need to do a lot of work on it. That aside; I now have a work bench coming together and the time and money freeing up to get back to it (yay!).

There is some news; there is now a local Maker Space getting started up. This may provide tools, resources and people to work with. I am very excited since I live nearby (about a mile away); though there is no way I could currently afford the membership fee. We will see; as I plan to stop by one of their open houses.

More exciting; I have purchased a part. I saw the part come up on my reader feed and realized it was cheap and would go quickly. I refer to the 1.8 inch 18 bit color TFT LCD display with microSD card breakout released by adafruit. At only $25.00 I knew they would be gone in an instant so I just went ahead and purchased one! My goal for this is to use it for output from the robot; debugging output in the short term and more int…

Improving your Netbeans Java Class Template And Including A License File

Well, working with Netbeans I have a problem occur over and over. One of those annoying programming tasks where you always make the change but are too lazy to deal with underlying problem. Today I decided to address on of them. Every time I create a class in Netbeans, there is a comment that appears at the top:
/*  * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates  * and open the template in the editor.  */
My co-workers leave this in place; I am OCD about removing it every time. I don't like four lines of useless code at the top. This morning I decided to change this problem and maybe make my Java class templates a little better. I will walk through improving the class template, and adding the license file for display.

This is a stub class created before the changes:
/*  * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates  * and open the template in the editor.  */ package com.something.somewhere; /**  *  * @author GFrick  */ public class MyClass {  // class here.    }
We wi…

New Site For Robotics And Electronics Supplies

I was browser my Google reader feed and a great site popped up. I've checked it out and once I get my work bench set up and get back to my robot; I'll definitely be ordering some things from here. I wanted to spread the word about the site:

They have lots of RFID, Robotics and just Arduino stuff that I think would be cool to play with.

I hope to get a full post up soon.