Saturday, October 08, 2011

Resuming My Robot Work With Bonus 3D Printer Project

Well after a long break of working on the house; this blog will be returning to a primarily robot programming focus. My work on the house is shared elsewhere...

So; I've resumed work on my robot and added a second Arduino to my arsenal; this way I can prototype ideas without disassembling the robot. I have used it to go through the tutorial for the TFT screen:

The new Arduino is an UNO; they come in much more sophisticated packaging than their predecessor:

That is a sticker sheet on the right and a EULA in the middle. The first nice thing to notice about the UNO is it auto switches the power source. You can see this difference and other slight changes in the comparison here:

So; I will post about the robot again when line following can be demonstrated and the code is ready to share. I hope to share two versions (with and without TFT info printing).

With that; the other exciting news is that I am building a 3D printer; which I will document here and share my problems (and answer any questions the best I can). I hope to be able to print robot parts in the spring; as I have more than once been held back by the ability to mount parts. It has driven me towards switching back to Lego; which I do not want to do. The printer being targeted is the RepRap Prusa Mendel.

I have made first acquisitions and the plan is to build the printer for around $600.00. The initial set of parts (the printed ones, etc) were purchased on Ebay; this guy sells them. I then purchased the rods (uncut) from McMaster; who I had never heard of, but find very awesome! The next purchase was the stepper motors; which I of course got from Pololu.

The build has not been started yet; the parts need to be confirmed and some need to be cleaned up with the Dremel. There is also the cutting of the rods (ordered in 2 meter lengths). I'll close this post off with some more pics.

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